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Disney Infinity review round-up – To Infinity and beyond

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Disney Infinity may have launched already in the good ol’ US of A, but surprisingly, few sites have actually reviewed the game. I’m forking out some of my own cash for a starter pack, so expect videos and impressions soon. If you can’t wait for my humbly influential opinion though, here’s what those other websites had to say about the game.

Game Informer – 90/100

Disney Infinity is off to a great start and will hopefully be supported for years to come. The thought of Avalanche Software potentially tapping Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and other properties in Disney’s vault for upcoming sets makes this game’s future just as exciting as spending an afternoon creating adventures with friends.

IGN – 87/100

It’s an excellent primer for kids embarking on a life playing games – it’ll teach them everything they need to know about barrel-rolling in a third-person shooter, power-sliding around corners, or judging line of sight in stealth games, and so much more too.

Gametrailers – 86/100

Disney Infinity is a source of constant amusement and there’s never been anything quite like it before. It’s a driving game, a shooter, a platform-heavy action-adventure game, a stealth game, and it includes modes of customizations that challenge you to invent your own genres or make worlds greater than the ones the developers have already built.

Polygon – 80/100

The game doesn’t quite nail those moments of carefree child’s play found in every real-world toy box, but it gets closer than any other game we’ve played.

It hasn’t been all glowing reviews though. Some sites haven’t exactly been thrilled with the big Disney experiment, resulting in the following scores:

GamesRadar – 50/100

But once you start to play, and once you stumble over the technical issues, and once you find that there are barriers around every turn, you’re bound to find that you’re in love with what you think Disney Infinity could be, and not what it actually is.

Digital Spy – 40/100

Unfortunately, the core mechanics in each of these campaigns are dull and lack any real depth. For starters, when you die, you simply respawn where you fell. There is no punishment for death at all.

This isn’t helped by the simplistic combat and the lack of enemy variety. Even in the combat-heavy Pirates and The Incredibles Play Sets, blocking and dodging is hardly required. Single-button mashing for the most part will do the trick with ease.

Disney Infinity is out on Friday. If you’re on the fence about getting it, then check out Zoe’s preview of the game. If your mind is made up on purchasing the title, I suggest training your elbows in a little bit of Muay Thai in order to get your hands on the more popular figures in the game.

Those damn kids won’t stand a chance.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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