Although not the type of movie I would typically watch, Lily Tomlin delivers a fantastic performance and breathes life into Grandma and I found myself won over.


Having recently broken up with her girlfriend, Elle (Tomlin) get a visit from her teenage granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner). Sage is pregnant and too afraid to speak to her mother about it and has come to Elle in need of money to have an abortion. And she needs it today!

Elle doesn’t have that kind of cash though, prompting to pair set off on a journey to Elle’s old acquaintances to get the money together and find a whole lot more along the way. The encounters with Elle’s friends essentially turn into a trip down memory lane, with her and Sage making some fun new ones of their own.


It’s not an overly complicated story but writer/director Paul Weitz did a fantastic job with the script and the entire cast does a great job of delivering it. The pacing is fast and the scenes have a lot of punch. The biggest punches of all come from Tomlin, who in her first starring role in 30 years is simply outstanding. Garner is great too and the chemistry between her and Tomlin is strong, which is fantastic as they are basically on-screen together the entire time. As for the supporting cast, they all deliver solid performances with Sam Elliot as Elle’s ex husband Karl also standing out.


With great dialogue and strong acting, Grandma is available on DVD now.

Special Features

  • Commentary with Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliot, Julia Garner and Director Paul Weitz
  • Q&A with Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliot and Paul Weitz

Last Updated: April 28, 2016


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