Premature is Groundhog Day meets American Pie and after fooling myself into thinking the movie I was about to watch was going to be a fun little comedy, I have to say I was quickly awoken to the realization that it was the furthest thing from it.


OK, so we all loved Groundhog Day and we all loved American Pie. Both movies were funny, unapologetic and the one had Bill Murray while the other introduced the world to Stiffler. But that is not enough to mash the two concepts together and expect the outcome to instantaneously be a recipe for a good movie. Director Dan Beers has does just that and what we end up with is a movie that couldn’t end prematurely enough.

The movie starts off with its stereotypical main character Rob (John Karna) waking up to his mother who has just walked in to find her son asleep in his wet jockeys, after having an exciting dream. He has a very important college interview that day, he has his annual date watching the international spelling bee that night with his gal pal Gabrielle (Katie Findlay) and to make things worse he also has the school volleyball guys bullying him. Luckily he has his wise cracking, fearless best friend Stanley (Craig Roberts) to help him navigate the day and deal with his over growing teenage angst.

Beers certainly has a lot of balls to make a movie with this concept and one cant help but think how Groundhog day would have played out if Bill Murray had to work with this twist on the original plot, and it is maybe a plot that could have worked better had the material been any good but for me it completely falls flat.

Now there are a few standout moments and I actually caught myself laughing out loud a few times but for the most part the movie is just overloaded with crass, penis jokes and not enough laughs. Also unsurprisingly you know pretty much how things are going to end, and it plays out exactly that way. Good boy is on a journey to lose his innocence to the hot girl he has been pining over for years and things go horribly awry until he realizes that he is actually intended to be with his best friend that he has unknowingly been in love with all along.


The best part about Premature sadly is that just like its title, it comes to a climax very quickly with a short 93 minutes running time. Beers pacing is fast and you relive the uncomfortable moments with Rob over and over again in quick concession until he starts getting frustrated with the novelty of having a do over for all the things he always wanted to do. The acting is forgettable and i have to say that this is mostly down to the material they have to work with. I actually think the leads have enough talent and could be really funny given a better script.

At the end of the day if you enjoyed any of the American Pie movies past the second one then you could possible find yourself enjoying this movie. If you looking for something with a little substance at all then this ones not for you.

Premature is available on DVD now.

Last Updated: February 16, 2016


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