Empire Reviews Central – Review of Assassins Creed

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Empire online has had a chance to play Assassins Creed and has published their review of the game on there website. The review is nice and detailed and you can hear that they truly enjoyed the game but what got me was the following.

Ironically, though, the game?s friendly controls are also its biggest shortcoming; killing your target normally instigates a chase sequence where you freerun across the rooftops and make fearsome leaps of faith to dodge your pursuers. But as there?s no jump button and your hero will perform most acrobatic moves automatically

What do you mean no jump button? Doesn’t that defeat a large part of this game? If I know I am not going to fall is it really going to be as entertaining as expected?

I still have full intentions of getting this game but this is the first disturbing news about the game play that I have come across and I doubt they are going to be adding a jump button in anytime soon…

This is even more reason to enter the Assassin’s Creed competition instead of paying for a copy… For competition details click the image above.

Oh and make sure you check back this evening for a first time ever in South Africa competition coming your way.

Empire Reviews Central – Review of Assassins Creed

Last Updated: October 30, 2007

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