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Eurogamer reviews Conan

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Ever since that picture of the naked women was released in the Conan game I have kept a look out for all Conan related news. See sex and violence marketing works, anyway here is the first paragraph of Eurogamers Conan review.

I’ve just untied a female slave from a tree and she doesn’t have much to cover her modesty. Her alarmingly inflated breasts are bouncing excitedly in the jungle air, while all that stands between the cruel elements and her delicate minnie-moo is a slender scrap of cloth roughly the size of a child’s sock.

So who is rushing off to pre-order this one? It seems like either the Conan developers have stuck to the original artistic version or the game isn’t very good so they are throwing in as many sexually charged scenes as they can.

The review which is quite in depth can be found though the link but in a nutshell Conan is like God of War or Heavenly Sword but just not as good or detailed. It looks very good but is quite simple and basic.

Eurogamer gave it a 7/10, which I found suprising because the reviewer seemed to absolutely love this game. But he did say that it doesn’t really have much depth and the lack of co-op or MP also drags it down, however if you are a fan of blood and boobs this is one you cannot miss.

Review – Conan // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer

Last Updated: October 2, 2007

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