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Geeky Gamer RTS View of the Console Wars

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Doobiwan over at Gamer ZA has written a very well penned RTS version of the current console wars..

Luckily I can use the word Geeky in the title since he did first 🙂 To summarise in his own words….

Microsoft got in an early rush, and currently have territorial advantage. They also started the game with the most resources.
Nintendo countered with some specialist units and some uber micro and caught Microsoft and Sony on the back foot and are expanding faster than anyone expected.
Sony came out smack talking and went turtle, relying on previous successes, a legion of loyal starting troops and knowledge of the map to give it an advantage, but it’s been caught flat footed and needs to regroup.

I am blown away really, that is some seriously hidden talent in that write up…

I wonder if anyone who is good at graphics can turn Doobiwan’s write up into image format?

I for one am voting for this RTS story to be continued, if you enjoy it please leave him a comment asking for it to be continued as well…..

Source: Gamer ZA

Last Updated: June 12, 2007

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