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Ghostbusters MattyCollector Neutrino Wand Review – Who ya gonna call?

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If you’ve spent five minutes around me, you’d know that I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan. So much so, that I scratch-built my own Proton Pack back in 2013, something that I gloat about whenever I get the chance. Did I ever tell you guys about my Proton Pack? One thing that my pack didn’t have though, was a particularly impressive Neutrino Wand. Sure, I had lights but I had no sound thanks to a rough airplane trip and some dodgy wiring. Last year however, MattyCollector released their own replica of the infamous thrower. And I finally got my hands on one last week.

I pretty much fell in love with the replica, before it was out of the box. The packaging alone looks great, a faux crate that is plastered with iconic catchphrases and little nods to that classic 1984 film. Inside, the thrower has been packaged securely enough, allowing it to survive not only our local customs, but a protracted post office strike as well. So gold stars for secure packaging.


The wand itself is fairly sturdy. There’s no getting around the inherent plastic-ness of it, but if you’re not holding it, it certainly looks authentic. If you’re a hardcore fan, who knows his Clippard valves and banjo screws however, you’re going to spot a few inconsistencies. For instance, none of the screws are authentic and are instead rubber castings. One of the tubes is the wrong colour and the flip switches don’t exactly feel properly sturdy.


But then again, it’s not that kind of toy. It’s a replica that is sturdy enough, and one that packs some fantastic sound inside. Throw in three AA batteries, and you can light this baby up, initiating some cult classic sounds in the process. I still think that the actual lighting effects could have been better when compared to previous fan efforts, but that would have most likely also driven the price up.


The sound however, is meaty and robust. Hearing that familiar start-up, cycling the streams and firing away never stops feeling satisfying. To even start firing a proton stream, you’re going to need to extend the barrel, and holding down the activate button results in a visceral rumble. There’s even a bonus feature built-in, where the gun will shut down if you point and fire at another Neutrino Wand. Remember, don’t cross the streams kids.


That’s pretty much the gun then. It may not always feel the part, especially when powered down, but it certainly does look it. The welds are right, the labels are correct and the sounds alone make me happy. If you’re keen on having a knockaround replica for your pack that also provides a cheaper alternative to wiring up an entire Proton Pack, then I’d easily recommend this, before knuckling down and building an even more authentic replica.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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