Good news about Haze

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Well after reading the poor review last week about Haze I was starting to worry that this highly anticipated game was going to flop.

However a new review has hit the internet with some more information and this time the game is sounding better. While previously we didn’t know the real point of Nectar it does seem to be very useful…

It seems the rebels can grab the Nectar, make a grenade out of it and throw it at the Mantel soldiers, this causes them to overdose and go mad killing each other off in the process.

For the Mantel guys when they level of Nectar is correct the enemies glow which makes them very easy to spot in the jungle stages.

Contrary to popular belief the game has not gone gold yet but they are still expecting it to hit our shelves before Christmas, for what was once billed as the PS3’s version of Halo this title is obviously highly anticipated.

PS3 Attitude: GameCity 07; Haze is not ‘gold’ but still glitters – PS3 news with bite

Last Updated: October 29, 2007

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