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Guitar hero, which is now a well known name in the gaming world has blessed us with another one of their masterpieces, well err… kinda. You see they have taken the horse to the water, beat it, stabbed it, revived it and then drowned it… in your money.

I got the old instruments out, dusted them off, grabbed a beer and got ready to rock.

As the expensive DLC hero loaded up I just thought “meh” it’s Guitar Hero. Know it, played it and loved it, still do, I just don’t have that burning excitement anymore of wanting to throw a whole weekend away just jamming. They just gave us too much of a good thing.

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock starts up with the usual features as well as somewhat new and exciting ones: Quest mode which is narrated by Gene Simmons, Quickplay+, Party Play and a Competitive mode.

I must warn you at this point that some of the themes (demons, monsters, heavy metal) in Warriors of Rock may not be suitable for a younger audience . Music has now become a religion, where rock and all it’s instruments are being worshipped. There is a running theme that does keep popping up with very subtle hints and icons leading towards the darker side especially with the narration. An example of this is in Quest mode where you have to play through a “Warriors” setlist to upgrade them to their true form which for the first few characters is a demon, later on you start transforming these warriors into emo angels, they have really played on the spikes and armor look for the attire of the characters. Imagine bad 80’s Metal/Punk gear, some demon guitars and we are good to go.


The problem with this is it doesn’t really appeal to the casual gamer, their biggest target audience. Players who want to just put in a music game might be put off by the hardcore metal themes of the quest mode. The objective of Quest mode is to complete a warriors required Stars to unlock their Power. Some have a multiplier that will rise quickly, gain star power for every 10 note streak, double star power or x 6 multipliers instead of x 2 to name a few. As you progress through the game you will unlock different powers and warriors until you complete your Quest to help the Demi-God of rock take down “The Beast” using your newly gained powers.

These new powers do add to the game and when playing on the more experienced levels it does become increasingly difficult to take full advantage of your new given power. The game has also started moving towards more chord-based structure giving your fingers a good workout. Another new feature is when you pause the game and go back in it will move the fret backwards slightly before restarting the track giving you time to set your fingers up to continue as you were.

Quickplay plus now also offers star challenges where you can unlock items and songs as well as rank up in the quest mode. Unfortunately the slight bummer is that you will need to start the quest to unlock some of the songs, or play the ones you have and gather up some stars to rank up.


The track listing is average, in my opinion, it’s far from exciting but does have its gems here and there, they even bravely added Nickelback, the true warriors of rock? Seeing it played by a bunch of headless warriors will put a smile on your face. If you do have enough stars to transform however, you don’t have to play all the songs to move on. I don’t understand why the Guitar Hero franchise is so insistent on making new versions of the game, rather release a new Guitar Hero annually and then all of the new games could be released as DLC, where the user can choose which songs he wants to purchase and not have to sit through 45 crappy songs to play 51 alright songs to get to the 20 songs that you really want to play.

I know I’m living in a fabricated world where corporates don’t only see us as walking, plastic peripheral loving bags of money but really, how many more games can Activision still push out of the Guitar Hero franchise?


On a closing note, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will still rekindle your one true wish of being in a band. It’s nothing new but you will have fun playing it and your drunken friends will love you when you take it out the first time at your next party, but after everyone has left, you will put it right back in your cupboard.



Gameplay: 7.5

The same old Guitar Hero gameplay with new powers and finger-stretching notes.

Presentation: 7.5

Same good-looking graphics, and you can laugh at how out of place your avatar will look on a stage full of “Warriors”

Sound: 8.0

There is large variety that will appeal to almost anyone.

Value: 9.0

It’s still going to be greeted with excitement at any social event.


Overall: 8.0

Warriors of Rock is like your pair of slippers; they are comfortable, keep you happy at times and you will occasionally bring them out into the general public, but after that, back in the bottom of the cupboard they go.

[Reviewed on Xbox 360]

Last Updated: October 18, 2010

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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