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Here’s what critics think of Homefront: The Revolution

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I’ve been keeping a beady eye on Homefront: The Revolution. As I’ve stated seemingly innumerable time before, the premise – of a United States falling to foreign invasion – is an interesting one. The team at Dambuster, who’ve said that their goal was to create a sort of open-world Half-Life, and that it takes its cues from Valve’s shooter, more than it does the first Homefront.

“We never really particularly focused on Homefront 1 [for The Revolution], we very much focused on our vision of an open world Half-Life game.”

Let’s see if they’ve succeeded. Reviews of the game have dropped and critics have started weighing in on what Dambuster has accomplished.

Apparently, not very much.

Polygon – 6/10


Perhaps the saddest thing about Homefront: The Revolution is that it’s capably developed. It’s not buggy (at least not in the PC version I played) and runs smoothly. The guns feel fine, the lone vehicle (a motorcycle) is easy to control. But there’s never a moment that feels like it’s reaching for something more than a check-the-box open world shooter. A successful insurgency swings the people in its favor with fancy ideals and arguments for why things can be better. The real City of Philadelphia knows this all too well. But Homefront’s Philadelphia likely would have laid down for the British rather than suffer through another collection mission.

PlayStation Universe – 5.5/10


A valiant effort has been made to salvage this long troubled game from the doldrums, but despite some good ideas, solid combat, and neat concepts, Homefront: The Revolution suffers for its long gestation more than it benefits from it.

Videogamer – 6/10


Despite its problems, Homefront: The Revolution isn’t the disaster many would have anticipated, and it gets a lot right. If you’re after a Far Cry game this year but don’t want to throw sticks at mammoths, then it’s worth checking out.

Gamewatcher – 6.5/10


Despite the shoddy graphics and performance, and a story that could use polish in its execution, Homefront: The Revolution has a solid foundation. It’s challenging and the mission variety in a pseudo open-world game is the best I’ve played in a while. It kept me engaged for its 22 hours. At the end, I felt satisfied. I hope to see another one with a bigger budget behind it.

The Jimquisition – 1/10


If you want great FPS combat, you have Doom. If you want an oppressive world with unnerving “what if?” scenarios, play Wolfenstein: The New Order. If you want item crafting, stealth, and action in one package, Far Cry will sort you out. If you want a solid open-world game… there are dozens upon dozens of the bastards now.

Simply put, Homefront: The Revolution is outclassed in its bracket by every other big-budget game released this generation. And that’s without getting into how shockingly shit the PC version is.

This game made me feel unwell, it bored me to tears, and it irritated the piss out of me.

Oh boy. I had high hopes for this one; that it would end up being a sleeper hit. I guess not.

Last Updated: May 17, 2016

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