Is Ghostbusters Worth All The Fuss? The Reviews So Far

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Earlier today we posted up the ongoing drama involving the Ghostbusters video game and its woes on the Playstation 3.

Now, when it comes to ranting and flamewars, people love to discuss this sort of thing. The thing is that we can’t forget why we are all here and it’s because we love playing games. So then, the question really comes down to the game itself and whether or not it’s actually fun to play.

I did a bit of research into the matter to see what critics are saying.

A quick look at Metacritic shows that the game has so far scored an average of 78/100 on the Playstation 3 and 79/100 on the Xbox 360. Games that score in the 70’s aren’t really seen as major must-haves these days, and to be fair the scores are bordering on the 80 mark, but still, does this mean that the game isn’t really that fantastic?

I noticed a trend in the short excerpts that come with the reviews on Metacritic, and it seems that even the sites that gave the game low scores all still had something positive to say about the game.

To give you an example, here is what one of the highest reviews had to say about the game:

It can’t be stressed enough how much fans of this franchise will adore this game. (Atomic Gamer – 87/100)

as well as:

As a Ghostbusters fan, this game came through by delivering an entertaining experience with plenty of laughs and just the right amount of action. (1UP – 83/100)

So, it sounds like fans of the movies will really love the game, but what did the lowest scores have to say?

The game does a great job of capturing the movies’ camaraderie and us-vs.-them spirit. It’s the best Ghostbusters game of all time, though that really isn’t saying much. (The Onion A.V Club – 67/100)

and another:

If you’re a fan of the movies this alone is largely enough to look past the game’s failings, such as the repetitive gameplay and dated design. (Total Video Game – 70/100)

So basically, what I can tell from the reviews is that big fans of the movies are going to pretty much love the game, and that as far as licensed games go, it’s quite a gem. At the same time it is obvious that the game isn’t perfect and people not so familiar with the movies (and how dare they be) may not appreciate it.

In the end it seems like the game is well worth a look, but don’t expect it to be the absolute bees-knees.

The game is not available locally just yet, but will be later this year. So tell us, what do you think about what you have seen so far, and who is really excited to play the once doomed, but now saved videogame?

Last Updated: June 19, 2009

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