Lair bombs….

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1UP gave Lair 60/100 and the Internet went nuts. They started calling 1UP fanboys and the conspiracy theorists started revving their engines…

Well it seems that people were right to complain, 1UP seems to be alone in its rating of Lair, they rated it to highly. IGN gave Lair a terrible 49/100 and Gamespot gave Lair an awful 45/100…

Some of the quotes are priceless as well.

IGN “god-awful lock-on system”, “a mission worthy of swallowing the business end of a shotgun to avoid.”

Gamespot “beautiful disaster”, “one of the worst control schemes ever devised”

1UP “one of those games where you die or fail through no fault of your own”

So now who is happily going to put down R500+ on this now? At best it seems it may be mediocre… What an utter disappointment.

Metareview — Lair (PS3) – Joystiq

Last Updated: September 4, 2007

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