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TXL – The Xbox Lounge is receiving an extreme makeover…

Due to South Africa’s lack of Xbox live finding local games to play has always been a problem. If we utilise the standard Xbox live functionality we generally end up in a laggy game with a bunch of foreigners. Which in turn makes the game virtually impossible to win or even play competitively and therefore just not fun….

Up until now we have never had a professional and organised way of getting local games going. Well this is where TXL is coming in, instead of scouring message boards or only playing against people you know you would go to www.thexboxlounge.co.za and create a new match.

Being the creator you would enter the date and time and select how many people you want in the game. Now other people can see that you are wanting to play a game of Gears of War on Thursday night at 7 but you only want 3 on 3… They can then sign up to join your game and even volunteer to host. So instantly the majority of the negotiations are out of the way and we can all get down to doing what we enjoy… gaming.

The creator of the game has full control over when and who plays, if there is huge interest in the game people can be added to the game as reserves in case one of the players has to drop out for some reason. If people join who you do not wish to play you can just remove them from the game.

Each match also has it’s own personal comments section to organise the smaller details like game rules and friend invites…

The next step for TXL is leagues, tournaments and ladders…. I fondly remember tournament ladders from my old school days where you can see who is ahead of you and you can slowly work your way to number 1 in the league… This type of scenario is perfect for GOW teams or even 1-on-1 games like PGR3 or the upcoming Unreal Tournament.

Other things that are planned for the future are game reminders, player ratings (to weed out players who don’t stand by their promises) and integrated messaging…

The system works very well as I setup a test game when I was reviewing the site and I already have guys who want to play…

This is going to be very helpful for any local Xbox Live player that doesn’t feel like playing Gears every night… I know you are out there.

I know I am going to find TheXboxLounge.co.za very useful especially when reporting on what is happening in local gaming and finding some Rainbow 6 and Crackdown games….

TheXboxLounge.co.za is also looking to align itself with South Africa’s biggest gaming brands (Megarom, EA, AGASA, Microsoft) so keep checking back for some exciting collaborations and let them know what you would like to see.

So head on over and organise some matches… If anyones up for R6 Terrorist hunts send me a message, I need the points… 🙂

Link to Live @ TheXboxLounge.co.za

Last Updated: May 14, 2007

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