Lord Spaceman's World: The Orange Box

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Ag better late than never, Lord Spaceman (our local reviewer) reviewed The Orange Box quite a while ago but due to the excessive amount of gaming news in the recent days I haven’t managed to post about it.

Today seems like a nice quiet day again so here goes,

The Orange Box as you well know actually consists of 5 games in total, 3 Half-Life games, Team Fortress and the critically acclaimed Portal. I have to admit and be shamed by the fact that I have not yet picked this up but after reading the review I think this really has to be next on my list… Next to Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect and Viva Pinata Party Animals (yes I have kids 🙂 )

I have been really looking forward to playing Portal due to the great reviews it has received but Team Fortress 2 also sounds like a blast….

Decisions decisions… anyway if you have not yet picked up a copy of The Orange Box then take a leap through the link below and see what all the fuss it about.

Lord Spaceman’s World: Review: The Orange Box (Xbox 360)

Last Updated: November 19, 2007

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