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Medal of Honour: Airborne – Reviewed

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There has been quite a lot of marketing behind the new Medal of Honour title which always worries me. It either means the game is fantastic and will become the lead game for a platform for months to come… Halo, Call of Duty, Forza and the likes know what I mean.

Or it will be absolutely terrible and they are hoping the huge media campaign will hide it’s flaws.

Well Airborne lands comfortably in the latter. It just isn’t any good.

The Good
Okay maybe that is not entirely true, there are some very clever additions to the game which deserve to be applauded.

Every time you die or enter a new level you get to parachute into the level, you can control the parachute (nearly) so that you can actually end up behind the enemy and flank them. This is a fantastic addition to the game and is very well executed.

Also when you are holding in the left trigger to aim you can also move the  stick and lean, so basically you hide behind a wall and lean out to take pot shots… works perfectly and is once again very cool….

The historical accuracy of the weapons and the environment is also very good and there is nothing particularly wrong with the graphics. I didn’t think they had that wow factor but they were acceptable.

The Bad
Strangely enough the good outweighs the bad and therefore should mean that the game gets a good review. Unfortunately the bad in this game is the gameplay.

The aiming is terrible, and yes I understand that these are old guns which don’t aim well, but the aiming is truly and utterly awful. If someone jumps out in front of you, you could empty an entire magazine into him from 2 meters away and he would not die. However pull the left trigger to aim and it only takes 1 shot… From a distance I aimed and put 5 bullets into someone’s skull without them dying.

It’s not like I struggled to hit the person, the blood sprayed and he jerked back but just didn’t die… weird?

The Conclusion
If you are a WWII nut or you can pick it up for cheap cheap then go for it, otherwise it drowns in it’s own mediocrity. It should have been released in May this year before the big hitters arrived if it had any chance of getting anywhere.

Final Score: 5/10 (Unless someone sends me a large check that is… I could make it 9/10 🙂 )

Metacritic Score: 73/100

Medal of Honor: Airborne is available on the 360, PS3 and PC. This review was done on the 360 version.

Last Updated: December 11, 2007

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