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Monkeybin apologises for its pre-written reviews

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Yesterday we uh…expressed dissatisfaction…with the way Monkeybin studios treated us and our readers as idiots – by providing pre-written, overwhelmingly positive reviews of one of their games for us to post on the site. To make it more of a slap in the face, they didn’t even provide us with a copy of the game so we could make up our own minds.

They’ve now issued an apology via email; although if I’m honest, their apology is about as half-baked as their copy & paste reviews.

We are not new in the industry and very professional company, even we contacted hundred of sites for review of Jumship 1 some time ago. After that first campaign we got to know that several reviewers ask to have something they can get some snippets from, and we simply took a shortcut this time. And we’re sorry for that, and have learned our lesson.

We apologize If our approach to get a review offended you.  Our intention was not bad and just thought of your time. Hope you’ll take it as a mistake and not a cheap way to get positive feedbacks.

Their own grammatical blunders aside, it really just comes across as an insincere way of trying to dig out of a hole. Snippets are one thing, but two whole pre-written reviews? Thanks for thinking of our time though!

For the record, we still haven’t been given a copy of the game.

Last Updated: December 15, 2011

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