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MotorStorm for PlayStation 3 Review

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It doesn’t help that there’s so little to do in the game overall. All Motorstorm offers is a kiddie-pool-shallow single-player mode and online racing. The single-player mode offers up a series of event tickets. These tickets open up races to take part in, and how you place in each race determines how many points you earn to spend on more tickets. You keep doing this until you’ve unlocked all the races, and, well, that’s it.

Well GameSpot has done an intensive review of MotorStorm on the PS3 and honestly it doesn’t come up very well.

To sum it all up in a nutshell the graphics are great and the online 12 player multiplayer portion is a ton of fun but really that is where it ends. The single player is boring and you cannot play offline multiplayer.

There are 8 tracks and once you have found the best line for your vehicle around a track the single player portion becomes boring. There really isn’t much to it and since this was one of the most anticipated PS3 games receiving a 7.9 is quite shocking….

They gave it a 6 for value as well which I presume does not include the initial R6300 you paid for the PS3 in the first place.

Come on Sony you need to pick up the quality now urgently.

[Edit]It has been brought to my attention that IGN had already reviewed this game and they rated it a lot higher. In the interests of fair play you can check the IGN review through the link below as well… They rated it as a 8.9 which is an awesome score and they seemed to have really enjoyed it…. So go and check both the reviews and decide for yourself.

MotorStorm lives and thrives on the moments when you’re right in the middle of a pack of vehicles, everyone pushing each other towards the cliff sides and you’re doing all you can just to survive. There are more “Oh $#@&” moments in MotorStorm than any other game around, and no matter how many laps around the same track you’ve made, you’ll constantly see new crashes and vehicles careening to their death.

Source: MotorStorm for PlayStation 3 Review – PlayStation 3 MotorStorm Review – GameSpot

Source:  MotorStorm for PlayStation 3 Review – PlayStation 3 MotorStorm Review – IGN

Last Updated: March 7, 2007

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