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NFS: ProStreet, a title I have had pre-ordered for a long time. I am a huge fan of the NFS series. One of the things I enjoyed most about the recent editions of the game was the free-roaming, when I heard ProStreet did not have free-roaming at first I was quite upset and then very skeptical. I received my ProStreet: NFS and raced home to hook up my Xbox and play.

First impressions

First impression was WOW, the graphics are brilliant, the detail in the cars is awesome as well as the environmental effects. There is nothing better than taking your car from 0-100 in 3.2 seconds and leaving a trail of smoke in the background. The way I first looked at this game is treat it as something new, not a follow on from previous releases, because at the end of the day it has changed a lot, the type of game play, the way the races work. It is very different. The upgrading of the cars is very similar to the previous titles of the game however there is a lot more emphasis on specialized cars for different events. So to be the absolute best at everything you need to have a car for track racing, drag racing and drifting.

What’s different?

Like I said before I was very worried about the “track racing” however if I had to compare it to something in the movies I would have to say it is like Race Wars in Fast and the Furious. You basically enter events and then race different races. I think the big improvement in the game is the damage control. In the races you race if your car gets damaged you suffer in performance and eventually if you take too much damage your car becomes a right off. It can get expensive having to repair your cars so in my mind you need to see what works for you. Do you need that super ridiculously fast car or do you prefer something with better handling. You also need to cater for this when you are creating cars for different events. With it been track racing as far as I can see police cars have been removed from the game, for me this is quite a big fall back as I quite enjoyed creating havoc on the roads, but I suppose they have changed the type of game it is now, no more street racing but rather circuit racing.

In the end

I think this game is a big improvement from the previous games mainly because of the damage factor. The graphics are beautiful, sound is awesome and environmental effects are to die for.


Graphics: 9/10

Playability: 8/10

Originality: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


Will I keep playing: Definately, I want my GT500 and I want to nail the ¼ mile in less than 10 seconds. With the online play it keeps the game interesting with the ability to race against friends and get bragging rights.

Last Updated: December 10, 2007

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