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Ni No Kuni Review round-up – It’s a winner

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Dammit, I swore on the grave of that hobo that I did not run over while partying with three attractive friends one fateful night that I would never play JRPG’s again! Who wants an engrossing story and a massive open world filled with epic magical battles, huh? And then along came Ni No Kuni, a game with freakin’ powerhouse visuals from the Studio Ghibli brand. And according to early reviews, it’s good. Damn good.

Reviews are in, and the results are unanimous to say the least. Japanese powerhouse magazine Famitsu is giving the game an impressive 36/40, while Eurogamer explained their score of 90 by saying that “Ni no Kuni wears its Studio Ghibli inheritance as lightly as Oliver does his little red magician’s cloak, transporting us from one universe to another with the wave of a wand.”

VideoGamer was equally positive, saying that “with one massive, graceful, Welsh-tinged sweep, the combined might of Level-5 and Studio Ghibli has reinstated credibility to a flagging area of gaming.”

Scoring a tad lower, but no less impressive, at 85, NowGamer was also happy with the pedigree anime influence, saying that “this is a JRPG with Studio Ghibli’s blood running through its veins and though you might baulk at the idea of grinding or question Level-5’s decision to make you wade through so much written dialogue, Ni No Kuni makes the journey more than worth the effort and deserves a captive, thankful and willing audience.

The lowest score so far seems to be coming from Game Informer with a respectable 7/10, who describe Ni No Kuni as not being without frustration at times. Here’s a look at what other sites are scoring as well:

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is out on February 1 on Playstation 3.

Last Updated: January 18, 2013

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