I love RPGs, not only because some of the best stories are found in this genre, but the gameplay can at times become really intricate and complex and forces you to think of your actions before execution instead of relying on reflexes. It’s some of the most fun I have, but lately I’ve been overworked and just the sight of another character stat or magic spell explanation is enough to give me a headache. Sometimes I just want to come home and play something simple, yet enjoyable, and Paper Monsters Recut is just that game.


KISS is an acronym (not to be confused with the tongue fetish rock band) which stands for keep it simple, stupid. It’s a design principle that’s favours simplicity over all else and it’s something that I feel this game does well; keeping it simple. There is no real story other than you’re the hero, the land is in danger and it’s up to you to save it. Just like saving the princess, a singular objective is all but enough for these types of games.


You’ll traverse an overworld wherein you will be presented with numerous levels of which to choose from. Each level has 3 gold pins that you can collect which is used to unlock later stages. Some of these pins are in plain sight while others are hidden in the environment which makes for a nice little side distraction if you wish to fully explore each level. Each Level also has one Gold button which is used to unlock some mini-games. While the game itself is not very long, if you’re the type that loves finding every single collectable, you’ll get a bit more juice out of it.


The objective of each level is just to get from point A to point B. You’ll be running and jumping your way to the end goal while stomping and avoiding enemies that stand in your way. It’s all pretty standard platforming stuff and it never presents too much of a challenge. To keep things fresh some levels have you navigating underwater sections in a submarine while others have you zipping through snow on a sled. They’re not all perfect though as using the on-rails sled for example can become frustrating as jumping was never all that responsive during this section. Overall however, the game controls well and each level (especially the later ones) was fun.


The game tries to go for a paper-like look and while this is no Tearaway, it does an admirable job with textures and environments. While the visuals themselves are quite good, the music on the other hand started grating on my ears after a while. Level music is so short and doesn’t continuously carry on into the next loop; it instead fades out once the song is done, then 2 seconds later it loops again. It’s not a major issue but it does become annoying. Paper Monsters can be played on the Gamepad as well, so if you’re looking for something to get your kids that doesn’t disturb your TV time then this game is a great choice.

Last Updated: November 28, 2014

Paper Monsters Recut
Make no mistake about Paper Monsters Recut. This game will not push your platforming skills to the limit, it is a simple platformer that is aimed at a much younger audience, but if you give in to your casual side and give it a go, you might just end up enjoying it.
Paper Monsters Recut was reviewed on Nintendo Wii U
74 / 100

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