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It’s very nearly digital football season, with both of the heavy-weight footie sims out this month, Pro Evo 14 is the first out of the gate, and the first of the series in a long time to run on an all-new engine; the same bit of technical wizardry that’ll power the next Metal Gear solid games. It’s out tomorrow in SA (and other PAL territories), with FIFA 14 hitting shelves next week. While uber footie fans will end up with both, the more discerning gamer will probably only end up with one…but which?

Here’s the critical consensus on Pro Evo 14

CVG – 8/10

“A fresh foundation for the series. PES 2014 has its issues, but still manages to deliver a deep and satisfying game of football.”

Digital Spy – 4/5

“However, the action on the pitch is the best it’s ever been, rivalling and arguably surpassing that of FIFA, and setting up a tasty next-generation battle going forward.”

Gamespot – 6/10

“There’s still lots of fun to be had blasting goals out on the pitch and taking on friends online, but not as much fun as last year, despite some additions that should have made it more so.”

GodisaGeek – 9/10

“It deserves a wider audience, with Konami clearly having a corking engine on their hands in the Fox. Still, minor issues aside, this is a great way for the series to bow out on the current hardware.”

IGN – 8.4/10

“Ultimately, it’s a real testament to the enduring satisfaction of PES’s gameplay – a football experience based on freedom and creativity – that it’s still worth recommending in spite of these obvious shortcomings.”

OPM – 8

“When PES 14 truly shines, though, it outplays its megaton rival in several key areas. If you’re willing to scrape beneath the surface and accept its technical and licensing shortcomings, then this offers a nuanced, deeply rewarding game of football. If Konami can iron out those issues next season, PES United could yet be champions.”

VideoGamer – 9/10

“The best football title this year? We’ll have to wait until FIFA appears. Until then, Konami’s back on top of the heap.”

Hmm. Seems to be mostly positive, with Gamespot standing in as the wet blanket. FIFA 14 reviews will be coming soon, and with you all busy playing GTA V, perhaps you can wait until they’re both available before making your decision.

Which are you getting? ME? I’m busy getting my sports game kicks via the tennis mini-game in GTA V.

Last Updated: September 19, 2013

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