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Project Cars Review Round-Up

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It’s here. It’s finally, freakin’ here! I think Project Cars has been on the bucket list of petrol-heads longer than Top Gear producers have dreamt of kicking Jeremy Clarkson in the Stigs. It’s a game which not only looks sublime, but apparently handles with a certain level of ferocity that the big guns in the genre have forgotten about. So how fast does it go around the review track then?

Having clearly been burnt by that…other…racing game, expect to see plenty of “reviews in progress”:

Games Radar – 3.5/5

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When it works, Project CARS is unbelievably good. But overly-aggressive AI, odd collision physics, imperfect pad controls and several bugs mean it’s just shy of greatness.

GameInformer – 8.5/10

Proj Cars (3)

In a genre where it can be hard to differentiate yourself, Project Cars makes its mark. It’s not as strong as it could be in all areas, but Slightly Mad Studios’ attention to detail and racing chops make the game a contender.

IGN – Review in progress

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Project CARS isn’t for everybody. It’s a serious, deep, and demanding racing simulation for people who like their motorsport pure. There’s no pop punk soundtrack, or explosive takedowns, or generous rewinds. Project CARS has set out to capture the experience of manhandling a real racing car around a long list of some of the world’s most famous racing circuits and, despite a couple of frayed edges, it has thoroughly succeeded. Tough but satisfying and cruel but fair, Project CARS is a truly fantastic racing game with the potential to become a real force in the genre.

But it’s not for everybody. It is, however, for anybody – and this is an important distinction. Project CARS is probably the most user-friendly racing game I’ve ever played.

Godisiageek – Review in progress

Proj Cars (2)

That’s not to say Project CARS is easy though; in fact it can be brutal. Running off track will demand quick reactions to prevent a spin, while pushing too hard can cause your engine to blow, and with no rewind feature to undo your mistake these mistakes can prove costly. It doesn’t feel unfair though, because when you cock-up you know that its your own fault – it’s a Souls-game style of hardcore.

Digitally Downloaded – 4.5/5

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Project CARS is a truly fine racing game, and for PlayStation 4 owners this will be the first next-generation racing game of worth for serious revheads to sink their teeth into. Racing beginners, or people who are used to racing games where powerslides are enough to get around corners may feel very frustrated with this one at first, but I can’t think of a racing game that is more worth taking the time to get to know, and master, than this one.

Lazygamer – Review in progress

Proj Cars (1)

We haven’t actually got the game, but we want to be cool like everyone else, so here’s a picture of me playing with some toy cars and passing that off as a review.

Project Cars is out locally from May 8. We’ll hopefully have a review up soon, that doesn’t include me bitching about how the handling on my matchbox cars are terrible because somebody ate the rubber wheels.

Last Updated: May 6, 2015

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