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PS3 Review by Scotty

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Scotty from the MyADSL forums has been kind enough to write a review about his PS3 and here goes…

ok… well, lets start with the looks, it’s a very solid machine. the black plastic and the chrome give the ps3 an elegant look and to my surprise it goes well with black plasma/LCD screens as though that was the main design.

The noise levels are actually very low, I sit about 5 meters away from the TV and I don’t hear so much as air moving or a spinning of the disk drive. I did have a problem with ONE game (GTA:vice city) and that just made the disk drive spin up and make a wee bit of noise, but you can’t hear it behind the game though.

Backwards compatibility is now good, starts any of my 21 games with out a fuss. There were some people saying that the games didn’t look as good as they did on the ps2, which is honestly BS. I say this because none of my 21 games lose graphics.

The PS3 games on the other hand, are awesome, no doubt about it. The game Resistance:Fall of Man is fun and you get to annihilate monsters and you get an awesome collection of guns.

The next game that I played(although briefly) is Motorstorm. I love this game graphics are great and the physics/environment are also great. The game gets REALLY fun when you try use the motion sensor in the control(more about that later) there’s just chaos, the reason being is that it’s like trying to balance an aircraft on a pin, it’s possible, but the difficulty level is high, so you end up over turning and then over correcting, then there’s a wall.

Now to the controller which I love. It’s comfortable in my hands and the L2 and R2 triggers actually should have been there with the ps2 as they add a greater control and comfort. the motion sensor is extremely fun, hard as hell to use but once you get used to it, there’s no console that can get to that standard. If you really want to see what this controller can do, fork out R45 rand for a game called Flow, the resolution goes right up to 1080p and it uses the motion sensor very well.

The media that the PS3 can pump out it nothing sort of spectacular. It plays all my mpeg1/2 and 4 video’s, and it plays them extremely well. I’ve been watching music video’s on my TV and not only does it give me all the options to do things like pause, play, fast forward at various speeds but if a press the PS button found in the middle on the controller it will minimize the video and play it in the background that the screen with a slight dark tone so that you don’t get to distracted. The music functionality is just as awesome as the video player. With the music you get a fun animated graphic and you can minimize the music so that it plays in the background and then you can look at pictures. The pictures also have a slide show which is something that I wouldn’t have thought of.

The Internet is also great, because you can minimize, it’s got tabs which can be flipped to see the other tab by using the L2 or R2 triggers. There’s a full QWERTY on screen keyboard which is easy to use. There’s a new feature called download manager, which lets you background your download and then you can see how it does by going to this icon. The PS store is still growing but it looks better then the Xbox 360 answer to online stores. There’s [email protected] where you can use your ps3 to aid in curing illnesses.

Over all I think the ps3 is nothing short of outstanding and is worth it’s salt in my books. It’s more then just a games console, it’s the ultimate media center as well it really should be in every modern home. The PS3’s wireless control gives you the option to never get up and turn on/off the PS3 as there’s a menu (hold down the PS button) to turn off the console and if the console is off simply press the PS button and the console will spring into life. Truly an amazing console.

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Last Updated: May 3, 2007

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