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PS3 vs PS3 a fanboy review

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Scotty777 has sent in a comparison between the PS3 and PS3. While I don’t agree with all of his points I am always happy to receive articles from readers so here goes. Remember all hate mail to be directed to him and not me πŸ˜‰

OK… THE TIME HAS COME! It’s 2008, and what could be better than a PS3  vs PS3 show down, where I compare where it started and where it is now???

So, I’ll start off with the games. All I can say is, wow. The PS3 has come a very very long way in terms of games. The selection isn’t half bad and some titles are really worth the cash.

I’m going to start with the very first game I got compared to a game of the same gameplay etc…

Resistance vs CoD4 (yes, I know CoD4 isn’t really the same sort of game as Resistance, but as things stand, I haven’t found anything in the same genre, so this will do as both are FPS, war games etc)

Resistance 2

Well… Resistance was one of the first games on the ps3, and at the time, I was very pleased with it. I found it was fun to play, very different to what I usually play. the graphics where pretty smoking for that stage on the PS3 and it was one of the few games I could get on the console.

Then comes along the legendary CoD4 and all I can say is wow… The games graphics are actually great and with an amazing gameplay to go along with the graphics really does make you just want to play the *crap* out of the game, and with some situations getting pretty crazy, you never ever seem to get very frantic and just start nailing the control to own people like you would do in Resistance.

Now that aside, it does seem that Resistance has a much longer gameplay than CoD4 which is a bit sad, but keep in mind that CoD4 did have to be multi-platform and that means there’s less time to get around to increasing gameplay. Now that I have stated all that, I’ll rate which game wins. I do think CoD4 was 100 times more polished and although shorter, it didn’t get boring once. Not to say the Resistance was boring, it’s just that Resistance got repetitive which makes you get a tiny bit annoyed.

Resistance fall of manOn the whole, I rate CoD4 wins in the gameplay and just in general appeal. While Resistance wins with originality and game length (which is getting more important these days, as you play R500-R700 on a game, you really want to play for weeks :D)

Now Racing Genre… there’s not a lot to say here, but the PS3 has come miles if not light years here. It started with Motorstorm. While it wasn’t a bad game, it really wasn’t a good game. And now with racing games just popping up everywhere. We now have titles like Burnout, which are truly impressive and can fight off the competition to a point (oh how I wish I had rumble πŸ™ ) and with GT around the corner, the racing game genre might just be the home of the PS3.

The other genre’s are also starting to improve on the PS3. Games like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and UT3 are only now starting to show the PS3’s power.

So with games, I think the PS3 is finally getting there. Game selection is not a problem any more and the fact that the games are getting better and better means there’s no excuse for whining about it.

Next up is general media.

So far, it seems like the PS3 has come a very long way. At first it was a decent media hub but lacked nice features like streaming and DivX playback. Although it was able to play many audio files and with WMA enabled it seemed like it was sorted there but then again it was held back by the lack of creating play lists. I mean how could they leave out play lists, It’s a biggy, but still, the freaking I-pod can do it but the PS3 can’t??? hmmm.

But photo’s where always amazing on the PS3, I mean who thought of the utterly pointless but amazingly cool visual effect the PS3 has, where it sorts out the photo’s by date and makes them look like real photo’s πŸ˜€

Well… it’s 2008 and has the PS3’s media improved? Simply yes! It’s a great media hub now, and since my TV and sound system is all black it’s looks pretty πŸ˜€ but with a very decent media support and a few polished places it’s starting to look like a very attractive BR player/ media centre… and since streaming is now supported and it’s not to hard to stream using the right programs. With DVD upscaling, you can get great video playback. DivX is another biggy, it’s the most popular video format.

It’s also very silent, although I did have a problem where I didn’t get enough air to the other console so it was sucking in it’s own warm air but it still never sounded like a Tasmanian devil being molested as the Xbox 360 does (the first gen ones)

Next up display and visuals appearance.

Well… the PS3 hasn’t changed much here, but Japan did get a white PS3 and there is rumour that more colours are coming πŸ˜€

However, I did notice that the PS3 can support custom themes which is pretty cool but you do need a fair bit of photoshop know how in order to gain a really cool theme, but you can make a theme with just pictures πŸ˜€

So what has change with the hardware?

Well… at first the were the 20gb and 60gb, but those first came out in the US and Asia and the 60 had full PS2 B/C… then the PAL area’s only got the 60gb, and the 60gb had to synthesise the graphics (bummer), then a little longer the 60gb was not being made any more and they where just selling stock and a 40gb and a 80gb models came out, but the PAL area’s finds itself only getting a 40gb model and still no rumble.

So things have changed, a lot, but fear not, I’m sure Sony will calm down some time soon.


Well… I must still bow down to Microsoft here. They clearly have a more superior system going on. But then again, it’s a paid system. which means that they do have the funding for development. However, Sony’s answer is getting better. That’s a fact… Yes it’s still about 6 months to a year behind but that gap is closing, and it’s closing fast… There’s no doubt that Sony will give Microsoft a run for here money if Microsoft isn’t careful. Now the PS3’s online service is smooth and even with my 384kb/s connection my latency doesn’t get all that high and there’s no lag. The store is growing day by day. and there are many mini-games and demo’s to choose from as well… But the PS3 also has a an Internet browser which is similar to the PSP, but you can use a keyboard/mouse set up with it which does make typing easy, and you can always go to youtube.com and watch video’s there.

The friends system is still slightly rough, but Sony is slowly getting it smooth.

The PS3 in general has become the console it was meant to be a year ago… that’s the truth. I still love it to bit’s, after this review, I think it will be a lot safer to make assumptions of where the PS3 is going, as you can not know where you going unless you know where you’ve come from. When rumble finally comes to the PAL area’s I really can’t see why the PS3 won’t be a good competition to the Xbox 360. The price is maybe a bit to much to take in at first, but when you evaluate it, it’s all worth it. there’s Wi-Fi, BR, BlueTooth etc…  However… there’s still a very stiff competition between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

So maybe after another year of hardcore gaming we can see who will come on top of this mountain.


Last Updated: January 21, 2008


  1. Lupus

    January 24, 2008 at 17:21

    I think I am going to do a PC VS PC one, or maybe a 360 VS 360 as they are the two platforms that got a lot more games then the PS3.


  2. washer

    January 24, 2008 at 20:17

    yeah even more games than you got braincells


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