The Boss review South Africa

Melissa McCarthy, I love you. But, goddamnit…

What is it?

The Boss review South Africa

McCarthy is The Boss, one of America’s richest women with a thing for phoenixes and throat-hugging fashion. She’s also a truly awful person. She gets sent to jail, loses everything, then finds her way back by creating a possibly criminal girl scout cookie enterprise. Along the way she learns to be a better person. Really, it could be a Disney movie, except this is Melissa f***ing McCarthy.

I would like this if I like…

The Boss review

Melissa McCarthy, obviously. Okay, I’m almost done using her name. This is drill-down, on the nose low brow comedy, which is something she does brilliantly. Just look at Spy or The Heat. But it’s not good, so being a fan helps. You may also take an interest because it stars Peter Dinklage, but only if you are charting his downfall.

Is it good?

The Boss review

Not really. It’s not awful to sit through. You won’t start wondering where your life has gone wrong. McCarthy is on her game, though her character is too single note. The story flops around and never builds to a serious peak, and that works against her. The main character’s back story also doesn’t really fit with the flamboyant primadonna-versus-the-world act. Dinklage is also just plain ridiculous, much like he was in Pixels. These roles really don’t serve him well.

Should I watch this?

It’s not as bad as Tammy, McCarthy’s lowest point of her career so far. If you just want to see McCarthy crush her enemies with a sharp tongue and power hair, this is worth trying. It is profanity-laden and has a number of great gags, but doesn’t get the right stride going. I can’t promise it won’t suck, but you will get to see a girl scout fist fight.

The Boss review

Last Updated: August 8, 2016

The Boss

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  1. Kromas GG

    August 8, 2016 at 11:41

    I feel terrible for enjoying this. Also Ghost Busters was worse than Tammy.


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