Review: Blacksite: Area 51

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Blacksite 51 has become famous for nothing more than being a difficult title to develop on the PS3. If you recall this is one of the titles that that Midway is blaming Epic over as they say the Unreal Engine for the PS3 is gimped.

Anyway apart from that nothing else of interest has hit the news about Blacksite, so when I saw the review on Arstechnica I was a bit surpised… I thought this was still in development.

Well according to the review maybe it should have been, apart from some anti-patriotic American political statements the game has nothing new.

This review was on the 360 version but did there should be no reason why the PS3 one will be any better…

While it doesn’t sound inherently bad in any way it also doesn’t seem to have anything going for it, however I am a huge FPS fan so I do intend on picking up a copy..

So I’ll let you know…

Game Review: Blacksite: Area 51 (Xbox 360)

Last Updated: November 29, 2007

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