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Review Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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The PS3 version By EvilRedZombie

With Call of duty 4:Modern Warfare the developers Infinity Ward made a gamble to move the award winning FPS series away from WW2 and experiment with present day war. This risky action result is a fresh new take on the existing COD franchise with a huge shout of approval from all gaming communities.

Apart from the move forward in the time line, COD 4 makes enormous leaps forward in all technical departments.

Trademarks of COD remain in this instalment, the most obviously being that this is a FPS revolving around the armed forces. Another familiar is the cinematic stories of a mixture of soldiers from different countries taking place sequentially to form the main campaign story of COD4. Unlike previous instalments you follow the paths of the British and Americans with the absence of Russian troops.

The game is dealt up in a prologue, 3 acts and an epilogue. For the most part set in an unknown / fictional country in the Middle East, with an exception of one mission set in Pripyat, Ukraine. This flashback mission to the Chernobyl nuclear devastated area is by far the most superior mission in terms of game atmosphere.

Modern warfare comes through in the weapons and accessories available. Night vision and red dot sight to name just two. A special mention has to be made to the game engine. What stood out most of this engine are the way bullets and fire is handled. The engine treats each surface differently. A wood fence no longer shields bullets and each surface is treated according to its thickness. Certain objects such as cars and buildings are fully destructible. Rag doll physics which seem similar to those seen in Halo 3 and Saints row makes ballistics seem more realistic.

COD 4 has been developed brilliantly and it’s clear that a huge amount of effort has gone into making it a truly memorable experience. The most obvious negative part of COD4 is not in any technical aspect but the duration. The campaign mode is over to in just a few hours leaving you wanting more. This though is where online comes into play

The online multi-player is by far the top seller of COD4. Online gaming has become increasingly popular in South Africa with online communities such as http://www.ps3za.co.za/ adding fuel to the already raging fire of online play. COD 4 online essentially deserves a review on its own and I will only concentrate on the bare essentials and need to know. The true magnificence I will leave for you to discover.

A character class system is employed to allow each individual to create custom infantry classes. There are 5 predefined classes set up ranging from special ops to sniper. The custom class allows you to customise your soldier with a variety of weapons, equipment or special abilities to create the perfect soldier according to your gaming style. A variety of the classes will only be unlocked with experience points. These experience points are eared by doing online battles, eliminating other players or a variety of tasks that can be preformed depending on what online game mode you play. Online Game modes cater for every need with modes like Team death match, free for all and search and destroy.

The Scores
Graphics: 95%
Sound: 90%
Playability: 90%
Originality: 90%
Replay / Online Value: 95%

Overall: 95 %

My Final word
COD4 is a fun experience built on solid game play, supported by excellent graphics and sound. This is an absolute must have for any PS3 owner regardless if you are a FPS fan or not.

On the up:
Great sound, visuals, story and online

On the down:
To short

Last Updated: January 18, 2008

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