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Skate – Reviewed – Mobile

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By Philip Dunkley

Skate Logo For many years there was only one name on the lips of skateboarding fans, be it in real life or in gaming, and that name is Tony Hawk. For years he competed at the highest level in the Skateboarding competitions, and it seems that Activision were taking a leaf out his book when the continued releasing title after title with his name on it. Some were great, some were awful, but still it reigned as the skateboarding game of choice. This was until EA released Skate, a simulation based skateboarding for the consoles, and it mostly captured the imaginations of many a gamer out there.

Now, it’s been ported to the mobile, and though the same can not be said about this version, it’s still not a bad game inherently, and plays remarkably smooth and looks good all at the same time.

Skate ramp It’s basically a side scroller, littered with obstacles, pipes and rails that one has to play through in a very specific manner, to complete the level. The levels are headed up by famous named skaters, and they will give you certain objectives to complete within the level, from scoring a certain amount of points to or completing a level within a certain time limit.

This all sounds good and well. The game even has an intuitive controls system, with one button performing different actions depending on the situation that the player is in. The first few levels of the game provide a tutorial to the player, and you catch on quite quickly. Look, it’s no where near as innovative as the console version, and makes no real ground breaking moments as it’s big brother, but it’s adequate.

All of this fits kind of nicely together, but one thing they did not compromise on was difficulty. Sometimes the levels can get so frustrating, and even though they are short in length for replay reasons, it can just get a bit to much.

In conclusion, everything looked great from the beginning, but as one progresses, the frustration levels tend to get a bit much, and this is what caused me to put the game down for long lengths of time, but hell if you like a good challenge, go for it, it’s a good looking, feeling and sounding game for a mobile platform.

To get this game right now SMS 1765685 to 40978, Skate will only set you back R50…

Last Updated: May 16, 2008

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