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Steelseries QCK Heavy mouse pad review – Table smothering rubber

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We all (should) have one. That surface that your shiny mouse sits on to avoid dust and grime and to give you smooth, even handling. But sometimes we neglect the mousepad: after forking out for high quality peripherals, your wallet might be screaming at you to just use that R30 brandless thing that came with your very first mouse.

Maybe you and your PC travel to LANs or competitions, where the tables are sometimes nasty collapsible metal contraptions covered in scratches and dents. Do you want your gaming to suffer? That bump in the table could be all that was standing between you and victory. Never mind the dirt and possible harm that could come to your mouse as it moves across these tables (I have seen this before, it is cringe worthy).

If you are one of these travellers, or perhaps your desk is covered in odd bumps and holes from dagger attacks, you should meet the QCK Heavy. This XL size mousepad (more like ‘entire surface pad’) is triple the thickness of other mousepads, boasting 6mm of dense rubber covered in a sleek, black cloth. In fact, I found a desk with multiple deep grooves in it, and I couldn’t feel them, at all.

The mat is 450mm wide by 400mm, which mean it is large enough to give your mouse, your wrist and a large portion of your keyboard a comfortable place to rest. In fact, it is so large that it won’t fit on most retractable keyboard and mouse trays.

The black cloth surface is almost completely unadorned, sporting the Steelseries logo in the bottom left corner. Steelseries made the QCK range to work well with both optical and laser engines. This minimalist look fits in well with their other products and is a welcome change after years of overly bright and garish pictures that have stared at me. The cloth surface offers great, even glide, with the thickness of the mousepad negating any changes in downward pressure you might exert on your mouse. Once you feel the steady glide the cloth provides, you will find it hard to leave.

This large, heavy mousepad has a non-slip rubber base, which makes it stay in place when you need it most. There is nothing worse than having you mousepad curl, fold or slip out of position in the middle of heated, clicking battle.

If you are looking for a large mousepad to deal with bumpy or suboptimal surfaces, that gives you great glide for your mouse, the QCK Heavy weighs in at RRP R299.

What are you waiting for? Your mouse deserves it and so do you.

Last Updated: December 20, 2012

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