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The World’s Best Videogame Review. EVER.

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An Amazon user review for a particular recent game is making headlines. Is it because it’s eloquent and elegant, as if penned by Geoffrey Chaucer himself? Is it a Shakespearean love sonnet, a worthy ode to a game that could reduce its reader to tears?

In what is a testament to the values of education, This review could in fact make its readers cry; Unfortunately they will be tears of laughter – or tears brought about by distraught confusion.

The review, in its entirety, reads like this :

i got game n kil rat mutate over n over untl bad dude kil me ouch. i like game lot n rats r cool n stuff wen thety mutate n try to kill me daed ouch! It ok to play n shoot bad dude n i get game n tell u to get game to kil rat an bad dudes in ur guns u kill rat. Ok great good but no ok good great just ok good great good. Get.

Umm..what? I suspect all of you, like I, have been physically and mentally pained by reading that; demonstrating the absolute power words have over us. Oh yeah, before I forget : The game in question, which the reviewer seems to praise so highly (It gets five stars!) is none other than a favourite of ours : Gearbox’s Borderlands. Imagine that.

I wonder if we can get this guy to write for us?

Check out the review here, and be sure to read the comments.

Last Updated: November 3, 2009

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