Tiger Woods 2009 getting good reviews

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I have been a fan of the Tiger Woods series for my entire life… okay that’s entirely untrue but what is true is that I have enjoyed the game ever since it was first released.

I will admit however that I normally only pick up every second title as I found the improvements to be good but not groundbreaking. However this years iteration looks like it is a must.

We already spoke about the “call out” system previously and now Eurogamer has just posted their review and given it a storming 9/10…. With very very little bad to say about the game.

By the sound of it the online interaction has been ramped up incredibly and has really brought the social aspect of gaming into your living room…

Not to mention we now have a Gary Player designed course in the game which means you have to buy it… it’s the law….

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 2, 2008

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