Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 – Reviewed – XBOX360

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Tiger's backBy Philip Dunkley

I know this review is really late, but we kind of discovered it at the bottom of the draw the other day, and realised that we had not reviewed this, so we apologise terribly (Lazy: Mainly me since it was my draw), and will give you a quick summary of the game, as I do believe it’s worth the money. To EA, we apologise that this has not been reviewed earlier, it will not happen again.

There is not too much depth one can go into on a game like this, as it’s generally a natural progression from one release to another. Golf is really golf at the end of the day, and being an avid player of both the real sport and the console kind, I generally enjoy these titles and spend more time than I should playing them.

It has the usual amount of professional players that one would expect, and a healthy whack of courses to play against them on, 5 new ones to be exact, bringing the total to 16. What I did find interesting about this year’s outing, is that the difficulty seems to be a bit harder, and I always play through the Tiger Challenge mode, but this year I have still not beaten Tiger Woods in this challenge as yet. Now I know this seems kind of weird as many games have difficult little sections that are near impossible to play through, but one eventually finds a way. Not with this one. I have tried probably 50 times to do this, and I still can’t do it, and I know 50 does not sound a lot, but remember, I have to play 18 holes against him. It just seems like the AI adjusts itself as you get better, and makes the opponent just that bit too hard to beat.

Bring your game face

Another feature in this year’s edition is Game Face, which worked really well for me, as I used the XBOX Camera to map my face, and hey, bob’s your uncle, it worked like a dream. I know many people had problems with this feature, but it worked for me every time, and had no problem mapping friend’s faces either.

A new mechanic in the game is something called confidence, which you can track at any time during the game to make sure you get better and better at those shots.

The graphics are pretty good, and a bit of a step up from last year, but not by a lot, but they seems to have updated the courses nicely to their new layouts, so I was happy with that. Audio is still good, with all the joys of nature bursting to life through your living room speakers or headphones.

Overall, if you enjoy golfing games on Consoles, there is no other option according to me, so buy it, it’s not ground breakingly new on ideas, but still solid to keep my attention for another year.

Graphics – 80%
Gameplay – 90%
Originality – 80%
Tilt Factor – 80%
Overall – 85%

Last Updated: March 26, 2008

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