Total War: Rome 2 review round-up

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People of Lazygamer! Lend me your ears! And this time, clean them first! I bring news of the latest release from the Germanic border, where Total War: Rome 2 has waged war on reviewers across a front that stretches from the new world all the way to a tiny village in France where an indomitable band of Gauls still resists the Pax Romana. Here are the latest results!

The scores are in, and it looks like the latest game to feature the mighty Roman empire is a commander of fine gameplay, a general to fans, a loyal servant to trusted gameplay mechanics and will most likely be played in this life and the next.

Here’s what the reviews say so far:

PC Gamer – 85/100

Right now, Rome 2 has its flaws, but is still a sumptuous, slow-burn strategy game with some of the best land battles in the series. Aesthetically, it’s a triumph.

Digital Spy – 4/5

With Total War: Rome 2‘s level of complexity comes a degree of inaccessibility and an occasional sense of being overwhelmed, but tutorials help minimise this where possible.

Regardless, the end result is that Total War: Rome 2 is a thoroughly in-depth and absorbing experience, even by the series’ own lofty standards.

NowGamer – 9.5/10

A comprehensive reworking that does its grand legacy proud, bringing it up to the date in blistering fashion and polishing it for a new generation is all Creative Assembly could ask for, and it’s precisely what they’ve done.

Eurogamer – 7/10

For all that the game may have promised, it isn’t such a big step forward for the series. It’s Total War done a bit bigger, a bit better and a bit different. Its borders hold firm.

CVG – 9/10

There’s something here for everyone, whether you dream of commanding armies, or using espionage and politics, to crush your enemies.

Joystiq – 3.5/5

For these dedicated strategy connoisseurs and Roman history buffs, Creative Assembly has just about crafted the pinnacle work in the art of meaningful detail. Each Ptolemaic temple and Gallic brine distillery reaps some number value for the tactical player, which is in itself a notable benchmark.

Strategy Informer – 8/10

Really, it’s the little things that are the biggest boon to this game: I personally love the new line of sight mechanic, and the new ways buildings can get town up add to the atmosphere in a fight.

Sounds like one for the fans then. We’ll get started on this game, as soon as we figure out how to welease Woger.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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