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Transformers Cyberverse Spark Armour Optimus Prime Review

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If you ever wanted to start putting together a Transformers collection of toys, you’d know that it’d never be complete if a certain icon of the franchise was missing. Every Transformers fan has some iteration of Optimus Prime on their shelf, and with Transformers: Cyberverse being the latest incarnation of the franchise, there’s now another version of Optimus to add to the collection.

And why wouldn’t you? He’s noble, fearless and an inspiration to his troops thanks to his gravelly voice and ability to save the day no matter how badly the odds are stacked against him and his fellow Autobots. I swear, if I ever win the lottery I’m having expensive surgery on my throat that’ll insert a chip to make me sound exactly like him.

Here’s another reason to grab a new Optimus Prime for the eternal war between Autobots and Decepticons: A massive freakin’ armour upgrade! With Transformers: Cyberverse having debuted and making use of a leaner and more vibrant art style, this version of Optimus Prime doesn’t stray too far from the mould. He’s roughly the size of a Deluxe-class figure in the current line-up of Transformers toys, sporting a more show-accurate anatomy: Big boots, lean thighs and a Doritos-shaped torso. Look at his face! This is the face of a LEADER!


It’s a design that works, giving the traditionally chunky Autobot leader a more agile and cartoonish overhaul that pops nicely with his signature red and blue colour scheme. Articulation-wise, you’re looking at enough movement for a figure aimed at younger Transformer fans, with ball-jointed arms and legs having elbow and knee joints.

As usual, Optimus can transform into his alternate vehicle mode, which can easily be done in a minute. It’s not the most detailed model when looked at from anywhere but the front, but it does a decent job in living up to the main gimmick of this toyline. Speaking of gimmicks, let’s chat Spark Armour! The key takeaway from this line of toys is that Transformers can combine with regular Earth vehicles to don powerful armour infused with the energy of the Allspark.


In Prime’s case, he can give himself a hefty upgrade by grabbing a military fighter jet and wrapping it around his torso. The jet itself is pretty damn cool: A meaty gunship that is bristling with cannons and missiles. Actually transforming it is easy enough: Attach it to Optimus’ back, pull the cockpit over his chest and get the fright of your life when the entire body spins around to better suit his frame.

From there you can whip the cannons out and position them into arm-level weapons that Optimus can make use of. Heck, he even gets a sweet little big boy helmet that is both badass and adorable. It’s worth noting here that once he ons his Spark armour, Optimus gets pretty top heavy. You can mitigate this by pulling out some stability pegs from the inside of his legs, but weak joints in the knees can see him topple over if he isn’t positioned just right.

You’re still able to get him into some cool poses mind you, and considering that this toy is aimed at kids six and up they’ll probably be pretending that Optimus is more in the sky than he is on the ground. Overall, Spark Armour Optimus is a neat little figure with a very cool design and a properly fun gimmick. That’s just Prime in my book.

Last Updated: November 21, 2019


  1. I’m liking these toys articles. Just curious D, is this your take on like the Netflix series, the toys that made us, but this is like the Generation Z version that the Boomers can enjoy.


    • The D

      November 21, 2019 at 16:36

      Not sure I follow you on this question bud 🙂


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