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Unreal Tournament 3 Preview

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 Gamespy.com was lucky enough to get some time hands on with the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 at GDC.

The AI of the bots seems to be very good and the idea that you can feign death is really going to bring an new angle into this game. Instead of fighting a losing battle drop on the floor and play dead. As soon as your opponent turns around you get up and blow his head off :)….

The bots also pretended to run away and as he rounded the corner it was waiting with a shotgun to the chest, very sneaky.

Sony has confirmed the PS3 version will be playable with a keyboard and mouse with on one side is fantastic as we all believe the mouse is a more accurate controller, but on the other side it would ruin online games where some are using a controller and getting owned by the mouse guys…

The guy thinks the game looks as good as Gears of War, which I can’t see as UT has always been more gawdy and bright so I don’t think you can compare. But it must be good if he is bringing GOW into his comparison… Read the rest below…

During another heated showdown, my opponent collapsed to the ground and I began celebrating with a victory spin only to watch him pop back up and shower me with another salvo from his submachine gun. The damn things can feign death, but I can too (by hitting the circle button) so I guess it’s fair. The Sony rep mentioned that in addition to the customizable bots, all of the classic modes that we’ve become accustomed to would be in the game.

Source: GameSpy: Unreal Tournament 3 Preview

Last Updated: March 12, 2007

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