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Remember 2015? That was SO last year, as was the Vin Diesel-led hunting of witches! If you can remember that far back we hosted an evening of witches and magic for our community with a screening of The Last Witch Hunter. Sadly I couldn’t make it but never fear, you supplied us with plenty of input! So without further ado, what did you think of the movie?

I went into watching the Last Witch Hunter a little skeptical of the fantasy/action setting, but came out quite surprised. The film turned out to be a fun ride in a well-crafted fantasy world (at times almost contrived) that kept the intrigue going throughout. The pacing of the film I found to be spot on – offering plenty of tension and action, while still offering enough time for the characters to develop and all within a relatively compact running time. While many of the themes presented in the movie have been done before, I felt they were well executed and for the most part, formed a cohesive, engaging storyline. The tension builds well throughout with regular twists (albeit many are predictable) keeping things interesting. However, I was left disappointed at the ending, which delivered far short of the scale that the build-up had promised and fell into cliché and lacked tension. The story is not devoid of plot holes and perhaps could’ve explored some origins in the story further – but it would appear they are keeping some aspects of the story open for a potential sequel, which may not be wholly unjustified.

Breck Eisner did a good job in pulling the different parts of the story together with his direction, but the real winner for me was the score by Steve Jablonsky, which set the tone well and matched the dark mood of the cinematography. While, Vin Diesels’ character felt a bit wooden for someone with 800 years of torment in his life – the rest of the supporting cast plays their roles well, especially Michael Caine’s – whose character added some needed comic relief and break the tension at times.

Overall, while being far from perfect, I found the movie to be an engaging and fun movie overall. I would rate it a 3.5/5 – Craig Risi

The sorcerers apprentice with vin diesel. Harry Potter’s wand out of 5 – Justin Willson

It was a Vin Diesel movie. Was fun but the plot had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese O_o 3/5 – Werne Botha

The last witch hunter reminded me of the old marvel movie Blade just with Witches and a hell of a better story. The acting was above average for Vin Diesel and he actually showed more than one emotion. The fact that the plot portrayed conflict as shades of grey (pun intended) instead of a simple black and white,good vs evil affair made the movie all that better. Elijah Wood’s acting felt phoned in though. Also the chick was hot. 🙂 4/5 – Well worth watching. – Kromaswow

Loved the special effects and action scenes. Vin Diesel held attention to a mediocre plot, but too many flashbacks confused the issue. There were enough plot twists but overall the process was a bit formulaic. It was good to get out. 2.5/5 Thomas Hope

So there you have it, bit of a mixed opinion that I sadly cannot add my 2 cents worth to. Thanks for coming out to spend the evening with us and I hope to arrange another event very soon, thanks a bunch Times Media Films!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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