Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters – Along with a rant about movie stars infesting our games

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Generally I enjoy Yahtzee’s rants about video games and misguided design decisions but I have to be honest and say that I have never taken anything that he has said to seriously.

However that was changed during this weeks review of Ghostbusters, alongside the generally enjoyable review of Ghostbusters he raises a point about the artistic merit and skill required to create games compared to movies.

A movie just needs to keep someone entertained for 120 minutes without any interaction from the viewer while a game is expected to last on average 10 hours with constant interaction and close up inspection by a user.

As such it is logical to assume that creating a good game is a lot harder than creating a blockbuster movie and the media’s fascination with Spielberg directing a game or real movie stars lending their voice to a game seems a little hollow.

Granted a voice in a game compared to a voice in an animated cartoon is the same thing, but directing the theatric direction of a fully interactive piece of entertainment is vastly different to taking someone on a ride through a movie.

I think we are all pretty well aware that we are going to enjoy Uncharted 2 way more than an Uncharted movie, now we just need the industry to be given the same respect.

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Last Updated: July 9, 2009

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  • Banana Hammock

    Ghostbusters is excellent, i loved every minute of it. It’s great to finally have some well written, funny and well acted dialog in a game.

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