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G Fuel

Gamma Labs ranks among the leading innovators in naturally derived athletic supplements. The company’s balanced approach to healthy living has drawn customers whose performance goals run the gamut. This includes an unlikely but rapidly growing number of gamers who seek increases in mental concentration and energy levels for improved play.

G Fuel energy formula and Gamma-O V2 Series testosterone booster are all natural products that facilitate split second decisions, while preventing mental fatigue. These benefits give gamers and athletes a competitive advantage during the most intense action.

Interactive sports video games such as Kinetic Sports or Wii Fit have meshed gaming and fitness. This shift has taken emphasis off keyboard or joystick skills to more realistic simulations of athletic performance. The sugary and carbonated beverages that were once staples of passive gaming are being replaced by healthy alternatives such as Gamma testosterone boosters and G Fuel drink mixes.

Since the original Gamma-O testosterone booster was unveiled in 2004, Gamma Labs researchers have shed light on multiple benefits of gamma oryzanol beyond the gym or pc console. Originally used as an anxiety treatment in 1960’s Japan, gamma oryzanol contains mood enhancing endorphins and antioxidants to help gamers of all levels boost their performance.

With increases in lean muscle mass and faster recovery times, video game players can boost stamina levels for improved play in sports simulations, warcraft games and the gym.

A similar approach to mental and physical benefits underlies the G Fuel energy formula. The ten calorie and sugar free drink mix spares gaming enthusiasts from drastic spikes in energy or bloating often associated with artificial drinks.

Bodybuilders and serious gamers alike share common goals to shatter performance plateaus. G Fuel delivers stable energy levels along with increased mental focus to help realize new levels of achievement. The natural formula also contains a potent blend of pomegranate and acai berries with antioxidants for enhanced immunity.

Much like gaming, the concept of testosterone boosters and energy formulas has greatly evolved over time. From pc or console gaming to professional athletes; improved wellness and mental clarity are commonly shared objectives. G Fuel and Gamma-O V2 testosterone booster are helping a wide array of users more easily realize these goals.

Last Updated: November 4, 2013

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