Why purchasing the Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack is worth your money

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Heroes of the storm

Finally, Heroes of the Storm is officially launching this week! If you never gained early access to the online team brawler previously, the restrictions are now gone. Starting tomorrow, everyone can hop into the Nexus to experience Blizzard’s online team brawler. Know what the best part is? It’s all entirely free… unless of course, you want to step onto the battleground with a little more variety in your inventory. If that’s the case, this Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack might be worth a look.

It’s essentially a retail copy of Heroes of the Storm. It comes with a disc of the game, 5 heroes, 1 skin, and a mount – a gorgeous golden tiger – that is exclusive to the bundle.


Now, you may be wondering why a purchase like this is necessary. The truth is, it’s not. If you wish to play Heroes of the Storm, you can do so – have access to all the game modes and features – without spending a single cent.

Thing is, there’s a rotating character roster. Each week, only a handful of heroes are available to play for free. Permanently unlocking a hero requires the spending of gold (earned by playing the game or fulfilling daily challenges), or the spending of real cash. Grinding enough coins to spend on a hero, especially the expensive ones, can take quite a bit of time. Spending real cash, well, that comes down to personal preference.

Heroes screenie

Either way, purchasing the Starter Pack is beneficial. Granted, it costs real money, but there is no denying its value in terms of saving the time of farming up gold, or saving actual cash. Here’s what everything in the bundle would cost if they were purchased using gold/cash:

Jaina: 10 000 gold/€9,99
Lili: 2000 gold/€3,99
Sonya: 4000 gold/€6,49
Zagara: 7000 gold/€8,49
Zeratul: 10 000 gold/€9,99
Zeratul Ronin Skin: NA/€9,99
Golden Tiger – NA

Skins are not purchasable with gold, as are most mounts, which is why only the real money cost is displayed above. The golden tiger is exclusive to the Starter Pack, but for arguments sake, let’s say it costs €9.99 ( the average price of a mount).

Overall, you’re looking at grinding up 33 000 gold to purchase all these heroes (remember, that does not include the skin or mount), or coughing up €58.93 for everything. Based on the current exchange rate at time of writing (R13.23 to €1), purchasing each item individually would cost around R780. Purchasing the Starter Pack? That will cost no more than R300. That’s a fair bunch of saved Randelas.

The Starter Pack is not only ideal for those who’ll be starting up Heroes of the Storm for the first time, but also those who have been playing it for the last couple of months and don’t already own all the included heroes. I for example only have access to Lili – the cheapest hero of the bunch – which is why the Starter Pack is an ideal way for me to unlock the others along with some bonus goods.

If a player already owns all these heroes, the pack does not become a write-off. Honestly, I know people who would pay the asking price for the mount alone. If they chose to buy the pack for example, the heroes do not go to waste. They can be gifted to friends who do not own them yet.

Use it don’t use it – you can get a head start in Heroes of the Storm with a nice variety of extra loot, or you can play it for free. Regardless, I’m just happy that everybody now has access to the game.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times more; if you are looking to get into the MOBA genre, look no further. Blizzard’s Brawler is incredibly accessible, to both beginner and pro.

You can get it from BT Games, and Takealot

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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