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4 Vintage Technologies That People Still Love

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Our modern world constantly pumps out faster, brighter, and better technologies. Year after year, people wait in lines for hours and spend hefty sums of money on upgrading when a new device hits the market. But whatever happens to the long-forgotten tech that gets left in the dust?

Believe it or not, some of it is still alive and well. Here are four vintage technologies that still have a loyal user base today.

1. CB Radio

Around the world, cellular networks and the internet are zipping communication back and forth. But some still opt for a simpler mode of conversation: the citizens’ band (CB) radio.

CB radio is a land mobile radio system that allows short-distance communication between two or many people. The system uses two-way radios in a high-frequency band and can be used to communicate for business or personal use.

Today, this system is still in everyday use, mainly by truckers as a means to connect with other truck drivers along their route. And while the technology isn’t new, there are still many new versions of this retro tech, meaning you can easily find the best CB base antennas on moonraker here https://moonrakeronline.com/blog/best-cb-antennas.

2. Old School Video Game Consoles

Video games started becoming what they are today in the 1960s, led by a man called Ralph Baer (more info). At the time, Baer was interested in exploring other uses for TVs, which were starting to become household staples. He wanted to see if people could use them to play interactive games instead of solely airing shows and movies.

From the formation of Atari in 1972 to the beloved Nintendo consoles of the 80s and 90s, some believe video games had their shining moment in those first decades. Video games have come a long way since then, but there are still diehard fans of gaming consoles that came out in those early years. 

3. Typewriters

Typewriters have become a collection item in recent years. And while computers reign supreme, these vintage devices are still incredibly functional.

Studies have shown that typing on a typewriter, while harder to correct mistakes, can be just as fast as typing on a keyboard (see here). Plus, there’s something refreshing about being able to sit down and write without the temptation of a million other open tabs on your computer. 

4. Polaroid Cameras

Step aside, smartphone! Many people are shifting back to film photography as a way to compliment or bypass the digital cameras we carry around in our pockets.

One all-time favorite? The Polaroid. This classic style of photography boasts a century-long legacy. The earliest instant camera hit the market in 1923, according to Adobe. Today, instant cameras are being produced and used as precious novelty items. Some trends never go out of fashion.

In Summary

Time, and the evolution of technology that comes with it, will slow down for no one. Perhaps people collect and cherish these old-school devices as a way to tether themselves in the rapid pace of today’s seemingly unending tech boom.

Whatever your preference, these classic and beloved technologies are here to stay.

Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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