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7 Essential Questions You Should Ask When Looking for a Free Employee Onboarding Tool

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When you’re starting a new business or looking to add new staff, it’s important to have a process in place for onboarding new employees. This process can include things like creating an employee handbook, conducting interviews, and setting up an induction period. But what are some other important steps that you should take?

In this article, we outline 7 essential questions that you should ask when looking for a free employee onboarding software, with help from elearningindustry.com. By addressing these questions, you’ll be well on your way to an efficient and successful onboarding process.

1. How will new employees be notified of changes or updates?

It’s important that new employees are kept up to date on the company policy and what changes may occur. A good way to do this is by using an employee notification system, such as email, SMS text messages, or push notifications. Make sure that all employees have access to the same information so that there are no administrative barriers to communication.

2. What resources will new employees have access to?

Providing your newly hired staff with relevant materials and resources can help them settle in quickly and learn the ropes of their new job. This includes things like employee handbooks and job descriptions, as well as information about company culture and the team’s goals.

3. What is the induction period?

During the induction period, you should provide your new employees with a clear overview of their role within the organization, as well as key expectations for performance. You should also make sure that they are familiar with any computer tools or software that will be required in their work responsibilities.

4. How do I get started?

Many new companies offer helpful guides or tutorials on how to use company resources and navigate through workplace procedures. This can help new employees feel more comfortable and confident in their new surroundings.

5. What is the probationary period?

After a new employee has completed the induction phase and met established performance standards, they will be considered for full-time employment.

 During this time, you should continue to monitor their progress and potential failures so that you can make adjustments as needed, says Brookings.edu. It’s also important to schedule regular interviews with potential employees to gauge their interest in continuing with your organization, according to Gartner.

6. How do I report problems or concerns?

If an employee experiences any difficulties or issues during their time at your company, it is important to take the necessary steps to address the situation.

 You can do this by contacting your human resources department or speaking with the employee directly. It’s also important to make sure that you document any relevant information so that you have a clear record of what happened.

7. What are the benefits of having a great induction process?

Many businesses believe that a well-done induction process significantly impacts employee retention rates and satisfaction levels.

 This is because new employees feel welcomed and appreciated, which can lead to increased productivity and creativity within the workplace. Additionally, a smooth introduction can reduce the chances of office conflict or other negative interactions between team members.

Blog Conclusion

After reading through this quick guide, you might now understand how important it is to hire the right free employee onboarding software for your business. 

The process of employee onboarding can help them get started with your company’s culture and expectations so that they know what’s expected of them early on in their career.

By taking the time to ask some essential questions in advance, you can ensure that you are hiring the right people and setting their expectations correctly from the start.

Last Updated: August 23, 2022

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