The next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft will feature hardware from Canadian chipmaker AMD. Like everyone else, AMD believes this will give it the edge when it comes to PC versions of next-gen games.

Speaking to Forbes, vice president Matt Skynner said that next-gen games on PC will be better because “it’s easier to port the games.”

“Because they’re first developed on our hardware, there should be a performance advantage,” he said. “They should run better on our hardware.

“Couple years ago when we saw how the console thing was gonna shake out, we thought how can we leverage this to a better Radeon gaming solution across other markets, so if we can create that performance advantage on the PC – from a graphics point of view – then we can give our customers a better gaming experience and grow our market share.”

Funny. you’d think that would most certainly be the case, but it seems Nvidia’s not out of the race. Ubisoft’s inked a deal with the Taiwanese chipmaker to make its future games prettier on that hardware, and it seems they’re not the only ones.

Last Updated: September 19, 2013

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