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AMD has a stellar, e-Sports focused APU on the way

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DirectX 12 is making integrated graphics matter again. The inclusion of features like Multiadapter will let you use the otherwise wasted power of silicon with your discrete graphics cards – which means AMD’s APUs are being given good treatment yet again. AMD is already making statements though, with their new APU packing a hell of a punch for the buck.

Directly positioned for the e-Sports crowd, AMD has revealed their A10-7870K – a quad-core processor with the on-board graphics potential of a 7870. The APU features 8 GPU cores running at 866MHz each, while also being ready for Windows 10 and the upcoming DirectX 12 API. The CPU side of things also sees a bump to 3.9GHZ, with a boost to 4.1GHz (a 200MHz increase over the APU that this is essentially replacing).

But why put an APU inside a desktop instead of a discrete graphics card? Well AMD is really focusing on budget builds here – especially for those who use gaming PCs primarily for online gaming. AMD assures that this APU will flawlessly run games like Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and more without the need to splurge unnecessary amounts on a large card. And ringing in at just $129.99, it makes a compelling argument.

Not only that, but the A10-7870K makes a good case for entry-level budget PCs that could be upgraded in the future. DirectX 12 is going to feature Multiadapter – which will combine the processing power of your CPU (or APU) with a discrete GPU. That means that if you pop in a newer, shinier card down the line, you’ll essentially benefit from the 7870 power in the background.

It’s an incredibly great offer – especially since Intel’s own Iris Integrated graphics technology can’t really hold up to it. AMD is struggling to claw back a significant portion of the CPU market, so moves like this could carve out a nice little niche for them. And if it pushes Intel to do the same, well win-win.

The AMD A10-7870K will be out in the USA next week. Expect local availability sometime shortly afterwards.

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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