AMD shows off Fiji, teases impending Fury

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Computex, one of the largest computing and electronics expos in the universe (presumably) is in full swing in Taipei right now. It was largely expected that AMD would show off its latest, greatest video card, the R9 390X – but that hasn’t happened. Instead, AMD CEO Lisa Su took to the stage to show off the chip that powers it, the Fiji, all while extolling the virtues of its next generation of video memory: HBM stacked memory.

HBM makes for faster, more efficient memory. According to AMD’s technical marketing manager, 1GB of HBM memory takes up 95 per cent less space, freeing up a great chunk of the circuit board, allowing you to stack more memory on the thing.

“HBM satisfies the appetite for smaller device. There is this appetite for powerful, portable systems… but they don’t want to give up performance either,” Hallock said.

So when will you see the new card? On June 16th, at the AMD-sponsored E3 PC gaming conference hosted by PC Gamer. There you’ll be able to see AMD Radeon Fury. Rumour and conjecture suggests that AMD had planned to show the card off at Computex, but the announcement of NVidia’s GTX 980Ti forced them to make a few adjustments to clock and memory speed to push its performance above Nvidia’s new darling. That, of course, remains conjecture – but it’ll be exciting to see just how much of a difference the new memory standard (one Nvidia’s adopting in its next generation of cards) will make.

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Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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