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Android 11 to limit 3rd-party camera apps over security fears

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We live in an age where consumers want two things: choice, and a good price. Make that three and add free wi-fi in there too. But I digress, choice is important. One of the issues with choice though is that you inevitably get more companies that may release products – or in this case, software – that is less secure and at times, even malicious.

Digital camera apps have become a bit of a security plight for Android across different manufacturers and as a result, Google is making an update in Android 11 that will force apps that want to take photos or video to use the phone’s built-in camera app, even if you’ve made a different camera app like OpenCamera your default choice for photos.

The majority of third-party camera apps should still work fine and so if you’re just wanting to take a selfie through your favourite social media app, this will still work as expected. What is changing is that if core Android apps want to use your camera app, they will now go straight to your phone’s built-in camera app instead of letting you choose and all location data will be blocked from third-party camera software.

It shouldn’t be too much of a change for many people considering many features will still work the same way they always have, plus this is in line with the way cameras work on the iPhone.

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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