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Asus’ OC Socket is miles ahead of the pack

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Are you looking at building a new, ultra fast gaming PC from scratch? Are you confused by all the different brands of parts out in the wild? Well, this isn’t going to help with all of that, but it might help you decide what motherboard you end up going for. Basically, Asus wants you to pick them really, really badly.

Earlier this year Intel revealed the new X99 chipset for their new range of Extreme Core i7 CPU’s. There have been a few motherboards on shelves already that support the new socket, bringing with them support for insanely fast (and expensive) DDR4 memory. Basically, if you have a deep wallet and you’re looking for a full upgrade, this is where your eyes should be. So which motherboard should you get?

Well there are a few options, but Asus has really made a statement with their X99 Rampage Extreme V motherboard. Asus’ ROG series is known for having some extreme overclocking capabilities, but there an extra special reason why it’s seemingly ahead of the pack this year. The socket on the Rampage V features new Asus tech, simply named the OC Socket. What that means is more pins on the socket itself, allowing more power to be delivered and ultimately higher, more stable overclocks.

Internal testing at Asus suggests that the new socket technology puts their Motherboard performance a massive 35% above the competition. That’s all in-house, and the real numbers may differ slightly, but in theory it does sound like something overclockers dream of. The motherboard is out this month, and as you’d expect it comes with a hefty price tag. Like I said, deep wallets, but there’s certainly more than enough on the board to convince you.

But it’s this OC socket that really stands out. If Asus to keep this over their competitors, and maybe implement it in a few more motherboards, you could be looking at your go to choice for high CPU performance.

Last Updated: September 11, 2014

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