BD+ cracked, so much for DRM.

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Remember that story about Sony introducing a protection medium called BD+? Well the sly guys at SlySoft have pulled a fast one on Sony. They have managed to crack the BD+ layer, with their latest beta of AnyDVD, namely

This means you can backup your Blu-ray movies and play them without the need for HDCP-compliant equipment. The product also includes a note to Twentieth Century Fox about its assumptions on BD+ and how wrong they were. (The irony, the logo of the product is a fox!)

I fondly remember Sony saying this will take years to crack, well it seems like months to me.

Source here.

Last Updated: November 8, 2007

  • Burns ZA

    lol. Format anoraks getting violent. This is beyond funny.

  • Burns ZA

    lol. poster posting in the wrong thead. Sad.

  • JP

    This can only be good for HD-DVD. hopefully now the remaining studios will give HD-DVD a little more thought.

  • Abev

    It doesnt really have any effect on HD DVD, if Im not mistaken those discs were cracked long ago!

  • JP

    Poor abev. Disney and fox chose blu because they thought BD+ would be uncrackable. Now there’s no DRM reason to choose blu over HD. It’ll hopefully be up to market forces now.

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