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Beginner Travel Photography Tips You Should Know

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Many people when they travel love to collect souvenirs that will remind them of the perfect holiday or vacation. But the best way to capture and hold on to these beautiful adventures and sceneries is to capture them with the camera on their smartphone or professional camera. 

Today, several influencers are into travel photography and make a living out of it. Being a professional travel photographer has many benefits as it allows you to visit different destinations and understand the various cultures and histories of the place and people.

Taking great travel photos requires skill, patience, timing, and a whole lot of practice. Every photographer has a different style that reflects their personality and charisma in each of their photographs.

While clicking a shot is one step, it is also important to learn how to edit your photos. So if you are a beginner and want to step into the limelight, consider using a variety of editing software on Shotkit to enhance your pictures. 

Without further ado, let us explore some basic travel photography tips every beginner should know:

Plan Your Shots 

As a beginner, you must learn to prepare yourself before you take off on your photographic journey. For instance, before you arrive at your destination, consider researching the location on different social platforms so that you are aware of the places you would like to visit. Once you are aware of them you can take time to prepare yourself and your camera in time for the shot. 

Wake Up Early 

If you ask any photographer about why you must wake up early, the most common reply you would receive is that you need to make the most of the light. It is one of the most crucial elements that can boost your photograph while traveling and enhance your photos. The morning light is known to help capture some of the most amazing images in the world. Mainly because it is soft, warm, and comforting but also allows you to benefit from fewer tourists around.

Inform the Locals 

As simple as it sounds, it is one of the crucial steps of travel photography. Whenever you are traveling and capturing some beautiful photos around the world, language can be a barrier. It is always better to ask permission from the locals before they get offended or disapprove because you are entering their personal space. Asking for permission is a way to be polite and respectful and if they say no, you can just move on to the next destination. 

Know Your Camera 

Whether a professional or beginner, it is important that you understand the different functions of the camera. Once you get to know your camera inside out, you will be able to switch to the right setting when taking your shot. So make sure that you spend time with your camera and take several practice shots so that you don’t miss out on your desired shot. If you are into phone photography, consider using these smartphones that are suitable to your needs. 

Travel Light 

One of the best things about travel photography is to travel light. While we know it is important to be prepared for all sorts of situations, it is always advised to carry only the essentials. While it does make sense to carry everything, it can take a load on your back and cause several problems. Also, while you keep removing one piece of equipment after another, the chances of you leaving behind are high. Traveling light will ensure that you are comfortable visiting places and enjoying your photography sessions. 

Don’t Ever Forget Your Tripod 

Tripods are one of the most important pieces of equipment that can help capture the perfect photograph, according to MakeUseOf.com. Yes, they may add weight to your travel bag but it is worth it. You can use a tripod to capture some amazing landscape shots, moving shots, long exposure shots, or some cool time-lapses. Whether traveling locally or to a foreign, along with your camera and lenses, a tripod is a must-have equipment. 

Fill the Frame 

Frame, frame, and frame! Every travel photographer was aware of filling the frame. While focusing on the subject is important, each corner section of your photograph plays a vital role (more advice here). Photographers around the world are constantly looking for ways to improve their photographs and create their style. Each of them uses the frame to produce a unique picture. Some photographers prefer movement or chaos behind the subject and some prefer plain backgrounds. So decide which kind of photographer you are and use the frame to compose a beautiful travel photo.

Protect Yourself 

While you are enjoying and exploring different locations it is important to protect yourself and the equipment you carry. The equipment you carry is often very expensive and investing in good travel luggage locks or anti-theft bags can work great in your favor. You should also consider applying for travel insurance that will protect you during your journey in a foreign land. While at it, take a look at the warranty and policies of your gear as well so that you have taken all precautionary steps for your travel photography journey.


It is important to cover yourself legally when working in the photography niche, so we would recommend offering photography contracts to clients and people you work with. You can download a template here.

These are just some of travel photography tips that will help you while you travel! If you are looking for a professional camera, the Fujifilm X-T200 can be a great gadget to your collection. 

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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  1. Barry Marks

    January 13, 2022 at 03:21

    Excellent tips. I would also suggest fellow photographers to check the forecast on apps like Open Weather or Tomorrow io before a trip. I think cloudy weather provides dramatic skies in travel photographs.


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