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Can we agree that 3D TV has failed spectacularly?

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As real as the moon landing

I’ve never been a fan of 3D TV or movies, mainly because due to a feature in my eyes I can’t view 3D movies –  but I have also always felt the need to use glasses to watch TV was never going to go mainstream.

And now for what may be the first time a leading figure in game development, Ed Fries, has come straight out and stated

“After watching 3D TV fail so spectacularly the last few years, I’m a bit of a sceptic about VR,”

This is in response to the Facebook purchase of the Oculus Rift and Epic’s belief that virtual reality will become a bigger industry than smart phones.

Now I slightly agree with the Epic comment but I don’t think we are even remotely close to that moment in time yet. For the next 10 years I’m expecting VR to be a fun oddity that we are going to see at tech shows, malls and the odd rich gamers house. One day it will be awesome but only once they have full body tracking and the ability to easily walk around without hitting walls.

But I do agree with Ed Fries comment around 3D being a total failure right now. It just goes to show that even if you have billions of dollars put into a technology and more marketing than you can imagine it doesn’t mean it will actually succeed.

Do you agree?

Last Updated: April 3, 2014

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