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Chrome 90 to allow the creation of links to highlighted text on a page

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Sometimes, the different extension for Chrome can be better than the browser itself. In fact, I would argue that Chrome’s beat feature is the number of extension available for it that turn the browser into something that is so much more than just a way to navigate web. After all, other browsers, including Microsoft’s own Chromium Edge, can navigate the web utilising far less RAM and at the same speed.  

However, as Google moves some of those extension features into its core Chrome product, it does improve its browser along the way. One of those popular extensions was called Link to Text Fragment which allows a person to create a hyperlink to a piece of text in a browser. A simple feature but one that proves invaluable when trying to direct people to certain information contained in a website that are too lazy to read the page themselves to find it.

And now, as revealed in a new blog post,  the feature is set to become a standard part of Chrome with the release of Chrome 90. The feature works pretty much the same as the extension did, where a person can highlight a piece of text and select the copy link to highlight option where a URL ending in a hash is generated that you can then share with others. This link will then take them to the highlighted text where your conspiracy theorist friends will use all manner of out of context points to prove that their viewpoint is indeed the truth.

It is a great feature and it’s nice to see it become a standard feature of the Chrome browser. Finding information has always been what the internet is about and any new feature that makes finding that information easier is a win in my books.

Last Updated: April 20, 2021

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